How a windmill works

One of the most popular and growing alternative energies in the world is wind energy. This type of energy is obtained by harnessing the speed of the wind by means of WIND MILLSThis is a simple and clean way of generating electricity, having an inexhaustible source of energy. Next, we will see how a windmill works in the most didactic way possible.


Windmills The blades are designed to take advantage of the full speed of the wind, generating a rotating movement that activates a kind of crankshaft, which generates rotating movements on its own axis, activating an alternator that generates electricity.


The higher the speed, the more electricity the alternator will generate, therefore, this system becomes much more efficient the more windmills are running simultaneously in a windy area.

Parts of a windmill

We will now present a video explaining in detail the operation of the WIND MILLS:

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