How an electric generator works

The electrical generators are some of the most useful devices we can find, as they are specially designed to produce the electrical energy needed to power any equipment that runs on such energy.

Electric generators


A electrical generator is a device that is capable of maintaining a difference in electrical potential between two points known as poles or terminals, which results in a supply of electricity to any circuit connected to those terminals.

Electric generator

Electric generators are classified into two types, which are:

  • PrimaryThese convert any type of energy they receive into electrical energy.
  • SecondaryThese generators deliver to the terminals only a part of the energy received in the form of electrical energy.

We can see that there are a lot of different electrical generators, but what is really important is that they all work in a similar way, using the principle of conservation of energy and Faraday's Law.

In the following video, we will see how electric generators work:

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  1. Sorry for this email, I have been looking at the simple electric generator made from cardboard.
    If instead of turning the magnets, you make an electromagnet with some nails and place it in the middle of the coil, changing the polarity of the current of a 1.5v battery, you will obtain current in the coil. The test will be very cheap....

    I hope this is not a nuisance for you and if you think it is appropriate, give it some publicity.
    Tired of seeing people's money taken from them with useless inventions.

    Energy is neither created nor destroyed (never and never transformed), it only changes its position. Light, heat, electricity, etc. are manifestations of energy. When energy is added to a system, it drags with it the energy that is in its surroundings or related to it.

    Electricity is produced only by changing the polarity of the field, dc (direct current) is induced in the armature of a generator, changing the polarity of the same, leaving a gap between the pulses as the delco pipe does, +o-o+-o+o- collecting in the collector the electricity for which the generator is made, without movement of the rotor, of that electricity a tiny part is taken and passed to dc to feed it back. And there is no more ...... according to Nikolas Tesla 1880 + or -, Clemente Figuera 1902-1909.

    Another thing for the curious .... Take myrrh (resin of Commiphora myrrha) and heat it in a can until it is completely carbonized, wash the charcoal and you will see crystals, these crystals are diamonds. You can make them any size you want. The fumes from the myrrh and incense I believe are toxic, do it in a well ventilated place. Depending on how you have heated it, you will also see charcoal without crystallising completely.
    Diamonds have a lot to do with energy and will give more possibilities for electronics. They have a nanosecond response, while quartz has a microsecond response.
    Truth cannot be changed whether we like it or not, verbiage and writings can.

    Prosperity for this year IGNACIO

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