How cotton swabs are made

The versatile cotton swabs are some of the indispensable items in a first-aid kit, or among the toiletries. They are used to disinfect and heal wounds, to collect samples and, of course, for personal hygiene. Today, we will look at how cotton swabs are made.

Cotton swabs

The cotton swabs are fairly easy to make, some are handmade and others are made by fully automated machines that make millions a day.

Cotton swabs

Simply place or wind a small cotton thread on one end of the holder (usually a small plastic or wooden cylinder) until the thickness of cotton required by the manufacturer is obtained.

Cotton swabs

We can carry out homemade swabs with an eyebrow tweezers or a piece of wood, and wrapping cotton wool around one end, but the industrial process of making them is much more complex. In the following video we will see how swabs are manufactured on an industrial scale:

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