How cigarettes are made

Tobacco is widely consumed throughout the world. It was originally intended as a product that allowed its consumers to relax and was very typical in rituals and celebrations. In this article we will explain how this product is manufactured.

How cigarettes are made

Cigarettes on the market today contain only 50% tobacco.. The rest of the product is made up of countless additives that give tobacco its addictive properties, its characteristic taste and aroma. These additives are often responsible for making the product unhealthy in the long run. Even today, not all the additives that are added to tobacco are fully understood.

Here we offer you a video explaining the whole process of cigarette production and some of the additives they incorporate.

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2 thoughts on “Cómo se fabrican los cigarrillos”

  1. The other 50% is not tobacco either. It is the leaf stems not the leaf. That 50% is stems and the dust or debris from the leaf that they use to make cigars and fall on the ground. Then; they sweep up that dust and mix it with the stem. They put it in a can and heat it until the mixture becomes a liquid. Then they add the additives. They cool it all down to solidify it and then they make the picadillo, which is what they put in the cigarettes.

  2. BBTV_AETN to know what the hell is this crap they put in our cigarettes that's why I buy it straight from the bush and I get it cheaper and less BBTV and shit.

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