How cylinder locks work

The Cylinder locks are used to secure doors of any kind, whether they are used to enter a room, house, area, or simply to prevent a box, locker or any other device from being opened. Next, we will look at how cylinder locks work.

Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks use a kind of elongated cavity inside a metal cylinder. This cavity contains a kind of cam that is activated when the key is inserted, because while the key is not inside the internal drum, pins fall into the cavity, thus preventing the lock from being picked without the key.

Cylinder locks

When the key is inserted, the pins are lifted and when the cam is adjusted, the cam can move, removing or placing the locks on the door, allowing it to be opened or closed.

In the following video we will see how cylinder locks work:

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  1. after disassembling the entire cylinder with the pins out, the cylinder can be reassembled.

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