How a laser beam works

Technology is advancing and little by little the electronic components that are designed are getting smaller and faster. This reduction is due to today's innovative tools such as the laser beam. Today we will explain how it works.

How the laser beam works

The laser beam in a beam of light with a very high wavelength frequency. For this reason, it is dangerous when in contact with the skin and can even burn it. Through the laser, a large number of treatments can be carried out actions related to the cutting of small parts or organs. This can be seen in fields such as optical operations, measurement of small areas, millimetre cuts, etc. One of the possible uses of the laser beam in the future is the transmission of data at high speed, as its wave frequency is very high, allowing it to carry a lot of information.

Here we offer you a detailed video on the operation of the laser beam and some of its utilities.

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  1. That's what I thought, laser is dangerous for the skin, even those surgeries or rather treatments that use laser rays don't inspire confidence in me at all :S

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