How a magnet works

In nature, there is an infinite number of materials with different physical properties. One of the materials that has enabled technology to advance the most are magnets. The generation of magnetic fields allows, for example, the lifting of very heavy objects with electricity or the existence of renewable energies. Today we will explain how a magnet works.

How a magnet works

The creation of a magnet is based on passing an electric current through a coil, generating a magnetic field inside it.. In this way, when the coil is connected to the current, the metal inside it attracts objects and when it is disconnected it loses this quality.

Natural magnets work in a similar way. Its magnetic property is due to the arrangement of its atoms in such a way that a magnetic field is created.. If we disarrange these atoms by means of heat, we can observe that the metal demagnetises.

Here we offer you a video of how the magnets work.

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