How erasers are made

The rubber eraser is one of the most useful inventions in modern history. This small instrument is capable of removing all kinds of strokes made with graphite-tipped pencils, leaving the writing or drawing surface completely clean and ready to resume the task at hand.


Its importance lies in the fact that it allows us to correct mistakes made during tracing, so that we can re-use the sheet or the work surface. Some erasers are even capable of erasing ink or coloured pencils. Erasers usually come in white, but they are available in different colours, especially those that erase ink, which may have a yellow or blue colouring.

Different drafts

Erasers look like erasers in appearance, as they are made of a type of polymer from the gum family, usually Titinylium. Erasers come in many shapes and are also often included in the ends of pencils.

Here is a video where you can watch how erasers are made:

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