How electric coffee machines work

Among the artefacts of everyday use, we have the electric coffee machineswhich can make our favourite drink in just a few minutes by simply adding water and coffee powder. Next, we will see how these electric coffee machines work in a simple and didactic way.

 Electric coffee maker

Electric coffee machines have a simple working mechanism. They are based on a heating element that uses electrical energy to generate heat (Joule effect) to heat the water in the coffee machine's reservoir, which is then pumped to boiling point in the compartment where the coffee powder is placed.

Once the hot water reaches the coffee compartment, a filtering process is carried out with the help of a filter paper or a filter made of porous material and the hot beverage is poured into a carafe, which will be kept at high temperatures so that the user can enjoy his or her hot coffee at all times.

electric coffee machine

The materials used to make coffee pots are diverse and range from metal to plastics, glass and composite materials. Here is a video that explains in detail how to make coffee pots. operation of electric coffee machines:

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