How electric water heaters are made

One of the most commonly used devices in houses, flats, hotels, etc. is the electric water heater. This device, with the help of one of the principles of electricity (Joule effect), heats the water in a tank containing this liquid and distributes the hot water through the pipes. Next, we will see how electric water heaters are made.

water heaters

Electric water heaters consist of a fully insulated tank that maintains the heat of the liquid inside. They also have a heat meter or thermocouple so that the user can check the temperature of the water inside the container, as well as a control panel that allows the user to turn the water heater on or off. heater.

water heaters

Apart from the inner lining of insulating material, the heaters have a bottom layer of stainless steel to prevent damage to the insulating material, which has to be replaced from time to time. Their heating elements work in a similar way to electric cookers, as electricity passes through them they heat up (Joule effect) and this heat is transferred by conduction and convection to the water which is at a lower temperature, thus raising its heat.

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In the following, we will see how the electric water heaters in a rather didactic video:

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