How electrical cables are manufactured

The electrical cables are currently the primary means used to transmit electricity from an electrical source to the final device or appliance that requires electrical power to operate.


The electrical cables are mainly made of a very long piece of any conductive material. They are usually made of copper, but there are cables made of different materials with high electrical conductivity. Aluminium cables are also widely used and are much cheaper, but have a much lower electrical conductivity than copper.


These cables come with a kind of fully insulating polymeric sheathing, which is usually a thermoplastic material, such as PVC, PCP, polyethylene or neoprene. The thickness of the insulating material will depend on the intended use of the electrical cable.

electric cables

The parts of a electrical cable are as follows:

  • Conductive material.
  • Isolation.
  • Filler layer.
  • Cover.

Electric cables

In the following video, we will see how the electrical cables:

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