How fishing rods are made

Among the most widely used sports objects around the world, we have the famous fishing rods. These devices allow the user to counterbalance the force exerted by the fish, even if this force is greater than the weight that the user can normally lift. In this way, successful fishing can be achieved with little effort.


Fishing rods have been made throughout history from various materials, from simple large pieces of bamboo, through various types of flexible woods, to the most modern materials such as carbon fibre and glass fibre, as well as composite materials and very strong plastics and of course, nylon threads to harness all this strength.

 Fishing rods

The way fishing rods work is simple, they are based on the theory of levers where the person relying on a reel and power lever, which uses the principles of the pulley, can counteract the force exerted by the fish with a few turns of the crank and a little force from the angler.

In the following video, we will see how they are made. fishing rods:

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