How Google works on the inside

Yesterday we launched the How it is made section, and today we bring you a new section called How it works. In this curious section we will introduce you to the inner workings of all things around us.Have you ever wondered what's inside our watch to make it work like this, or perhaps what's behind the most famous websites on the Internet? In Como Hacer we will find out every Sunday the operation of something different that is sure to surprise you.

In today's article we will show you everything behind the famous search engine Google. When we enter their website we see a simple bar where we enter our searches, however, this simple bar hides the work of thousands and thousands of people.

How Google works on the inside

The great feature that has taken Google from being a website created by two teenagers as a hobby to the most visited site on the Internet is its powerful robot which surfs the entire web and registers all new websites and their news. Nobody outside the company knows how this robot actually works, but even if they did, it is constantly being improved by the great team behind Google.

Google has hundreds of offices around the world where they work every day to improve the search engine and develop new services that surprise people. In the following videos, you will find an interview in which he explains how Google works on the inside. I'm sure many of you will be surprised.

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