How hammers are made

One of the most useful tools ever made in the history of mankind is the hammer. With this small tool it is possible to strike pieces with precision, and increase the force initially exerted, thanks to the leverage effect of the handle. It is a useful tool for deforming metal parts or for inserting nails or pins into different materials, such as wood.


Hammers are made up of two key parts, the first is a handle which, according to the job for which it was designed, will vary in size. We can find short and very long hammers, usually the handles are made of wood but they can be found in plastic and metal.

The hammer head is the most important part, as it is the part that will be in contact with the surfaces to be worked on, usually made of a strong, impact-resistant and often heavy material.


Mainly metals and high hardness polymers are used to make the hammer heads, the shape of the heads will depend on the function of the hammer, as the shape of the hammer head will vary between a blacksmith's hammer and a carpenter's hammer.


In the following video, we will see in a didactic way how hammers are made:

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