How selectivity works

Last year the Bologna plan was introduced in Spain which, among other measures, entailed the modification of the old selectividad. These changes were announced in all the media and an attempt was made to make students adapt to the changes, but there are still many students who do not understand the new selectividad in its entirety. Today we will explain the main changes.

How selectivity works

The most important changes focused on the number of subjects the student had to take exams in. Whereas in the past there were only compulsory examinations, from last year onwards the rule was introduced that the student had to take 4 compulsory exams and 4 optional examsThe two best marks were chosen. As a result, the maximum grade that can be achieved was raised to 14 (10 compulsory points + 4 optional points).

In the following video you can learn more about all the changes of the Bologna plan:

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