How PC keyboards are made

PC keyboards are hardware devices or peripherals for direct communication between the user and the computer, allowing you to enter data or control actions conveniently and using your own language. These devices are generally made of different materials and have a sturdy physical part that is used for communication with the user. This section has keys, bars and an internal part with integrated circuits that translates the information and takes it to electrical impulses that will be decoded inside the computer to execute the given order.

PC keyboards

The materials used are generally resistant plastics and rubbers on the outside of the device to prevent damage to the keys. Cushioning systems are also used for the different keys. These systems are usually made of metal or high-density polymers.

Of course, it should be noted that the inside of the keyboard has traditional-style circuitry and board and communication wiring that sends data to the computer.

PC keyboards

Below is a video showing how the keyboards are made:

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