How knives are made

Knives are utensils used to cut various materials. They are made to last and maintain their sharpness, as this is one of the characteristics that separates a good knife from a poor quality one. Today, we will look at how knives are made.

Knife set

Knives can be made from almost any material, but nowadays stainless steel is used to prevent corrosion and to maintain hardness and shape. Nickel alloys are even used to considerably improve the properties and characteristics of this type of utensil.

Knife set

Manufacture is simple, alloy steel blades are introduced and subjected to heat treatment and shaping to improve their characteristics and shape the knife blade. They are then sanded and then sharpened to complete the blade.

Stainless steel knife

Finally, a handle is added, which can be made of polymer, wood or even metal. In this way, a good knife is obtained. Here is a video where we can see how knives are made:

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