How memory cards or pen drives are made

We all have one or more memory cards in our homes, but very few of us really know the facts and curiosities of its manufacture. In the video above we see how pen drives are manufactured in a factory in Lehi, Utah in the United States. As an interesting fact, the clean room in this factory is 100 times freer of impurities than a hospital operating room, and it takes more than a month to manufacture a single memory card.

Each of the circles we see in the video goes through more than 800 different processes before it is ready to be assembled, and it never stops - thousands of employees ensure that production is continuous. At the end of the process, they are sent to the factory in Asia to be cut and soldered with gold on the plates, which are no thicker than a human hair. The control and care with which these devices are treated is such that few safety measures can be applied, as we see in the video.

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