How plastic bags are made

One of the elements that we use on a daily basis is the plastic bagsThese bags are very useful as they can be used not only to store our purchases, but also to wrap and protect any food or appliance, as well as to dispose of waste. These bags are now made from recyclable material, so we can keep the environment clean and free of non-biodegradable polymers. Today, we will look at how plastic bags are made.

Plastic bags

There are different types of plastic bags made of different materials. The most common ones are made of high density polyethylene and have the capacity to carry a minimum weight of 12 kg. These bags can be made with very little material which makes their manufacture very economical.

plastic bag factory

The manufacturing process of the plastic bags is usually made on extrusion machines using a blow moulding and blowing system. They also go through a printing, laminating and varnishing process and are then heat and pressure welded and bonded to create a high quality bag.

Plastic bags

Here is a didactic video in which we will see how to make the plastic bags.

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  1. could you tell me what quantity you use to make each plastic sleeve, it is a university assignment.

  2. The truth is that I don't like plastic bags because nobody recycles them and generally from my point of view I see them as a threat to the environment.

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