How plastic bottles are made

The plastic bottles are some of the most commonly used everyday objects. These containers are used to store soft drinks, food, preserves and liquids of various kinds. They can be re-used and many of them are fully recyclable, which turns them into raw material for the next batch of plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles

Plastic is a material known as polymerThis material has the particularity of being quite resistant and very malleable, so that various highly functional products can be obtained, such as containers, textiles, footwear, mechanical parts and, of course, bottles.

Plastic bottle production line

Currently, there are three different processes or methods for manufacturing plastic bottlesThese are as follows:

- Extrusion.

- Blowing.

- Injection-blowing-stretching.

All these methods have in common the aim of turning the polymer into a functional plastic bottle by heat or mechanical force.

Plastic bottle

Next, we will watch a didactic video about the manufacture of plastic bottles:

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