How plastic drums are made

One of the most useful elements that we can find for storing all kinds of liquids, such as fuel, water and even oils and coolants, are the famous plastic drumswhich are well known especially in the world of military and 4×4 vehicles.

plastic drums

These drums are made of various types of highly resistant polymeric or plastic materials, able to withstand solvents and abrasive liquids, and offer complete safety for both the liquid being stored and the place where the liquid is stored.

The construction material of these drums is mainly high density polyethylene, recycled plastic and a UV protective dye. When mixed together, they produce a highly resistant and safe material for transporting all types of liquids, including fuel.

Plastic drums

This type of canister can be found in a variety of sizes and capacities, making it one of the most versatile items designed for vehicles and locations where access to fuel is somewhat limited.

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