How quantum computers work

Computing has become a fundamental part of our lives. Many of the things we use today run on some kind of processor or memory that allows them to perform functions that we would never have considered a few years ago. This is due to the rapid developments in electronics and science. What might have taken up a large amount of space a few decades ago is nowadays reduced to millimetres.

How quantum computing works

A few days ago, the curious news of the development of a new type of computer appeared: the Quantum Computer. This computer incorporates a new technology which, until now, had not been used in this field. The development of the quantum computing would allow us to reduce current chips to unimaginable levels and at a much faster speed than today. A quantum chip would allow us, for example, to solve algorithms that take years on today's computers, in a few hours.

In this video you can see a small description of this new technology and get an idea of its applications:

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