How to apply for scholarships

Every year, when millions of young people start their studies, the government publishes a series of grants that allow them to save a lot of money on the purchase of books and materials. One of the most important grants, and the one that receives the most applications, is the general and mobility grants. Today we will explain how to apply for this scholarship.

How to apply for scholarships

The general and mobility grant focuses on providing the student with capital that will enable him/her to pay (at least partially) for basic materials and transport if needed.. Normally this scholarship is awarded to between 50% and 80% of the applications. At university level, it is also necessary to pass 80% of the previous year's credits in social and humanities courses and 60% in engineering courses.

To apply for this scholarship the following steps are necessary:

Go to the scholarships section of the ministry of education and choose the type of studies that correspond to us. Once we have chosen our studies, we choose the scholarship we are interested in. In this case we will choose the first one.

- A page will appear with all the information about the scholarship and with a button that says Access to the Online Service. If we click on the button we will access a section where we must register to enter.

- Once registered and in our account we will see a control panel showing all the grants we have applied for. Normally the list will be empty until we fill in one. To start the application we click on the button Access Request and on the next screen in Application Registration.

- This will lead us to the first section of the scholarship in which all the requirements and instructions are explained. We will also be asked to provide some information, the most important of which is the account number in which we want to receive the grant. This should correspond to the account number used in other years that we have applied for the grant if we have done so, as it will allow us to recover it and save us a lot of time.

- Once you have filled in these details, click on accept and start filling in the grant. We must write all the fields that appear with an asterisk. It is also convenient to fill in some fields such as distance from your home to the study centre in order to better explain our situation.

- Now that the scholarship is complete, all that remains is confirm it and print the receipt. This is done by clicking on the Confirm and Register button on the application and following the instructions given.

This process, while focusing on the general Fellowship, will work for all the others although some steps may change slightly.

As always, remember that you can go to our forum to ask any questions you may have.

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