How to avoid colds in winter

Winter is a time of year when the cold weather causes many colds and sore throats. To avoid being sick all winter long, we need to get into some habits. Today we offer you some tips to avoid getting sick in winter.

How to avoid colds in winter

During the winter, one of the basics to avoid getting sick are always dress warmly, especially covering the most sensitive parts of the body. (neck, ears, chest, etc.). The most recommended garments in winter are those made of wool or fur. In addition, if any garment gets wet due to rain or any other cause, it is important to change as soon as possible to avoid catching a cold.

Another thing that often causes a lot of problems in winter is drinking cold drinks. During the winter it is advisable to drink hot or cold drinks and not to drink with ice.especially if we are on the street.

If at any time we feel a sensation of discomfort or a sore throat, it is advisable to act as soon as possible so that the disease does not become more serious. Some home remedies against these diseases are as follows:

- Drink warm milk with honey to heal the throat in case of pain.

- Make an infusion with bay leaves in boiling water to breathe better. It is advisable to put it in a room while we sleep.

- Use salt water in the nostrils to unblock blockages.

One of the times of the day when most colds are caught is at bedtime. During this time our defences are lowered and we are more vulnerable, so it is important to sleep tightly tucked in and without any windows open.

In addition to home remedies for colds and sore throats, there are a large number of medicines that our doctor can prescribe if we consult him or her. It is important that as soon as we start to feel unwell, we go to the doctor for a recommendation.

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