How to avoid mosquito bites

Summer is a time when bugs are very prone to bites as the temperature allows them to survive easily. One of the most annoying bugs of the summer are mosquitoes, which besides sucking our blood can transmit some diseases. Today we will explain how to get rid of these insect bites.

How to avoid mosquito bites

- You have probably seen a lamppost completely surrounded by mosquitoes and moths. It is advisable to keep lights off whenever possible as the heat produced by the bulbs attracts insects to them.

- If we open the windows it is often useful to use a netting that blocks access to insects. We can make a mosquito net with two pairs of sticks and a net. With the sticks we will create a square and with the net we will fill it.

- Something we must try to avoid using colognes or sweet-smelling products in summer.. The bugs are attracted to smells similar to those of flowers or sugar-rich foods.

- The foods incorporating garlic, cloves or onion will scare away mosquitoes.

- While walking down the street at night or while sleeping it is advisable to cover our bodies properly to make it more difficult for mosquitoes to get in.. For example, when we sleep we can use a thin sheet that is not too hot.

- They can also be used mosquito repellents. We can buy them in any shopping centre or create a homemade repellent using eucalyptus leaves, for example, cooked and spread around the house.

If you are a victim of mosquitoes, it is necessary to take some measures to make the bites disappear as soon as possible:

Never scratch bites to prevent them from becoming inflamed or infected.

- To put an end to the bites as soon as possible, it is advisable to apply some kind of ointment or liquid that reduces inflammation and dries the area. You can find any product of this type in your nearest pharmacy.

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