How to be smarter.

Here is one of them compilation list with 113 ways to increase your intelligence (which more than one of you will need, hehe), enjoy it:

Brain homer simpson

  1. Solve puzzles, sudoku and brain teasers.
  2. Use your non-dominant hand to perform tasks such as combing your hair, brushing your teeth, moving the mouse, swapping the knife and holding hands while eating.
  3. Notice the ambiguity, learn to appreciate paradoxes and optical illusions.
  4. Learn how to make mind maps.
  5. Block some of your senses to perform everyday acts, eat with a blindfold on, take a shower with earplugs...
  6. Develops the sense of taste. Try to appreciate and distinguish independent flavours, such as cheese, wine, beer, etc.
  7. Search and find common ground between seemingly unrelated situations.
  8. Find new uses for everyday objects. How many ways do you find to use a pen, 10? 100?
  9. Look for arguments to refute your opinions.
  10. Learn creativity techniques.
  11. Go beyond the "obvious" answer.
  12. Use lateral thinking
  13. Reverse your assumptions about problems and assume them to be true.
  14. Ask yourself more often what would happen if...?
  15. Look at the pictures upside down.
  16. It uses the SCAMPER creativity technique (substitutes, combines, adapts, magnifies, suggests other uses, eliminates, reverses).
  17. Be critical of all information received. Question its veracity. Distinguish fallacies
  18. Resolves puzzles and logic problems.
  19. Familiarise yourself with the scientific method.
  20. Draw, paint; you don't need to be an artist.
  21. Always think positive
  22. Develops artistic skills (sculpture, music, painting).
  23. Learn to juggle
  24. Eat brain-healthy foods
  25. Exercise, keep fit and benefit your mind.
  26. Sit up straight.
  27. Learn to breathe well and deeply
  28. Laugh
  29. Do different activities. Take up a new hobby.
  30. Sleep just enough; not too much, not too little.
  31. Take a nap
  32. Listen to music
  33. Think it through, but MAKE decisions.
  34. Don't use the latest technology for everything, there are things that can be done "the old fashioned way" and you won't lose skills.
  35. He changes the way he dresses from time to time. Go barefoot on different surfaces
  36. Speak to yourself as if you were an expert on the subject.
  37. Search online resources on how to increase intelligence.
  38. Simplify your life
  39. Play chess or other board games
  40. Behave childishly from time to time.
  41. Cultivate humour, make up jokes.
  42. Create a list of 100 forms of ....
  43. Write down the ideas you come up with and build up your "bank" of ideas.
  44. It regularly takes up and develops ideas from this "bank".
  45. Set yourself an "observation theme" for the day. For example, "red cars", see how many red cars you see that day.
  46. Have you ever played an escape game?
  47. Learn a foreign language
  48. Eat in restaurants with food from countries of different cultures (Indian, Japanese, Turkish...).
  49. Learn to program, even in a very elementary way.
  50. Spell words out loud in reverse : sasoc sam and sojitreca
  51. Redecorate your home, rearrange your furniture.
  52. Write, whether it is a book, a poem or a blog.
  53. Study about body language and try to adapt your own.
  54. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  55. Visit museums
  56. Visit trade fairs where the latest trends are exhibited.
  57. Studying how the brain works
  58. Improve your reading speed
  59. Always try to find out the time mentally before looking at your watch (better not to wear a watch).
  60. Try to add 100 mentally with the 4 numbers of the car license plates you see using basic mathematical operations.
  61. Try to make estimates of large number comparisons, are there more leaves in the Amazon rainforest than connections between neurons in your brain? (answer, but think about it first)
  62. Learn (and use) some memorisation techniques.
  63. Have sex!
  64. Memorise the names of people who introduce you to them.
  65. Meditate. Cultivate relaxation of the mind
  66. Go to the cinema to see films of different genres.
  67. Watch TV only as much as necessary (i.e. nothing).
  68. Improve your concentration
  69. Enjoy contact with nature
  70. Practice "mental mathematics".
  71. One day, consider doing half of what you usually do, i.e. go to "slow motion", you will see that it is not so unproductive.
  72. Change the execution speed of some tasks, do something ultra-fast or extremely slow.
  73. Do only one thing at a time, don't multi-task.
  74. Put yourself in other people's shoes and how they would solve a problem. How would a politician, a scientist, a fool, an egoist... solve this?
  75. Avoid any cognitive bias.
  76. Adopt a contemplative attitude
  77. Take time for solitude and relaxation.
  78. Commit yourself to lifelong learning.
  79. Travel abroad and learn about different ways of life.
  80. Keep a group of friends and share your experiences with them.
  81. Compete!
  82. Don't be alone with people you agree with. Let there also be people who don't agree with you.
  83. Brainstorming!
  84. Change your point of view on something (short/long term, individual/collective,...).
  85. Look for the root of the problems (and propose solutions).
  86. Collect famous quotes (my favourite: You will miss 100% of the shots you don't take).
  87. Read the classics.
  88. Summarise in 1 minute books you have read.
  89. Develop and care for your conscience
  90. State your problems out loud
  91. Describe a lived experience as thoroughly and meticulously as you can.
  92. Develops the sense of touch, e.g. by reading lift buttons in Braille.
  93. Develop your sense of smell, try to identify your acquaintances by their perfume.
  94. Try to ride the bike with the handlebars with your arms switched (i.e. cross them and put your right hand where your left hand goes and vice versa), be careful and take it easy!!!, I am not responsible for the first 100 falls).
  95. For once, take the opposite position in a debate about some fans, for example if you are a Real Madrid fan, debate defending Barça and how the referees are wrong against them (difficult, isn't it?).
  96. Be curious
  97. Challenge yourself and beat your own records.
  98. Take note of your dreams, keep a notepad next to your bed and write down when you wake up what you remember, some ideas may be very useful.
  99. Develop your visual skills, for example, choose a colour in the morning and try to see and remember the lightest shade of that colour you see throughout the day.
  100. Look up unfamiliar and unusual words in the dictionary and try to use them consistently in conversation. Enrich your vocabulary.
  101. Describe a fact with as many metaphors as you can think of.
  102. Control your stress.
  103. Change routes every day for commuting, jogging ...
  104. Provide solutions that go beyond what is asked of you.
  105. Surround yourself with people smarter than you.
  106. Dance.
  107. Use brain fitness software.
  108. Do it yourself. Try to solve home problems without resorting to a professional.
  109. Teach someone about what you know.
  110. Help your children (or nephews and nieces) with their homework.
  111. Leave interesting comments on the blogs.
  112. Study the basic concepts of the theory of relativity (of course, don't just stick to "everything is relative"), try to understand them.
  113. Practice eco-localisation, i.e. the localisation of objects (how far away they are, how they move...) by the sound they produce.

102 thoughts on “Como ser más inteligente.”

  1. 111. Leave interesting comments on blogs. (Then it was 112 ways to increase intelligence). 🙂 🙂

  2. I think it's a nice hobby, you just have to do a minimum of things to learn a lot, obviously do not stay with these concepts and go out to study!!! thank you capo, a hug!!!

  3. Arnoldohernandez26

    Well, I'll put the language thing into practice as I need it, and I'll get back to my diet and exercise, which I need 🙂

  4. Very interesting ideas, some of them I already did unconsciously but let's see how much better I get by including others from the list to my routine... I love this whole getting smarter thing XD

  5. Josue Fernando Cabrera Batiz

    They are simply exceptional ideas that a person should follow consistently in his or her life as such a humanistic ingenuity that everyone has.

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