How to block calls with a hidden number on Android

You have probably received a call with a private number and when you answered it, it turned out to be someone playing a joke on you or offering you advertising. In these calls it is usually almost impossible to know the caller's number. The best thing to do in these cases is to block private numbers and force the caller to reveal their number. Today we will show you how to blocking against private numbers.

Mobile phone.

First of all, please note that this tutorial is aimed at Android mobiles So if you have another system, the programme in question will not work for you.

The programme we will use is DroidBlock. You can get it through this link or directly from your mobile phone by clicking on the following link QR code:

DroidBlock QR Code

Once installed, we access the application and activate the option of EnableDroidBlock to activate the application so that when you are called, the calls are screened.

Enable AndroidBlock

Finally, we must activate the Block Unknow Numbers in the Configuration menu to automatically block private numbers.

Block Unknow Numbers

Now if someone calls you in hidden mode, you will notice that before the ringtone starts, the mobile phone will automatically hang up.

In addition to blocking private calls, you can also reject calls from known numbers via the blacklist option.

As always, remember that you can ask any questions through our forum.

5 thoughts on “Cómo bloquear llamadas con número oculto en Android”

  1. Hello I did not understand very well but I will try to do it esk there is a guy who marka me with private number just anda harassing me and because I already have time with my number would not want to change it but that man calls about 20 times a day and not very well heard what he says only tells me I want to see you where I pass x you I am afraid that is a kidnapper....

  2. i already installed it, let's see if it works for me... pork ai ai una zorra k me jode asta ahora 😀.

  3. hello my question is how can i know the mobile number when the call from an unknown number....
    in andriod

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