How to build a good Christmas crib

A very characteristic element of Christmas is the nativity scene. These small representations of biblical situations usually attract a lot of attention during these dates. In today's article we bring you some ideas for the construction of your nativity scenes.

How to build a good Christmas crib

What is most striking in a nativity scene is that the terrain on which all the figures are placed is well constructed and resembles reality. In order to make the ground look as good as possible, it is more convenient to build everything on a large wooden plank. It is also important to respect the dimensions of some objects in relation to others. We cannot build a mountain the same size as a house.

Many people incorporate streams into their nativity scenes. which usually look very good as it gives a touch of reality. To ensure that the water shows some movement and does not appear stagnant, a small water drainage system can be used to transport the water from the end of the course to the beginning.

To decorate the entire terrain and to build slopes, we can use pieces of cork or polyspan which, after painting, will look great in our nativity scene. With these materials we can build bridges, mountains, simple buildings and even homemade figures.

After thinking about all the decorative objects that we are going to insert in the nativity scene it's time to put it all together. Some tools and materials are essential at this point:

- Coloured and transparent paper.

- White tail.

- Sand, earth and some stones.

- Paint and a paintbrush.

With these essential elements we will be able to build everything without any problems and obtain a pretty good result.

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