How to make a homemade telescope.


Space and its mysteries have intrigued mankind since its origins, wondering what were those glowing things that hung high in the night sky. Thousands of ideas and theories emerged, but it wasn't until the invention of the telescope by Galileo Galilei that we were able to see the stars as they were.

Today the telescopes are so common that they can be found (almost) everywhere. We can even have one in our home for a "modest" price. But as is the custom in this blog, here is a more homemade method to have your own telescope for less money.

The video explains the whole procedure and the necessary materials in Spanish. Thanks to Astro Henares, ASAAF and UCM for this.

3 thoughts on “Cómo fabricar un telescopio casero.”

  1. I have a doubt... what are the specifications of the doublet... it's a biconcave and a biconvex lens together, isn't it?
    How do I get it and put it together?

  2. A Telescope is very expensive so I will try to make it, I hope it looks good, so I can look at the stars at night having a drink... I will find something in space!!!! 😀 I would also like you to put some how-to on how to make a Microscope.... There are miniature particles that would be nice to observe and see how they behave....

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