How to make a practical battery charger

How many times have you run out of battery in the middle of the countryside and have nowhere to charge it? With this practical article you will learn how to make your own battery charger.

What we need to create our loader is:

Battery holderWe can find them in any battery-operated toy, antique radio, etc. The size depends on how many we want to use at the same time.

Four-hole battery holder.

– Un charger old that is compatible with your mobile phone.

Mobile phone charger.

That said, we explain how to set it all up. The first thing is open the charger connector. Inside you will see two wires that you have to cut to connect your wires.

Charger connector.

Charger connector 2.

The next step is to soldering the battery holder wires. To do this we put one on each flange of the plug (where the old cables were attached) and solder carefully. At this point we must find out which is the positive and which is the negative, because if we confuse them, we could burn the battery.

Battery charger for mobile phones.

Now plug the connector with its old casing and we insert all the batteries. Regarding the batteries, they should be approximately the same voltage as the original charger. For example, if our mobile phone charger works at 3.6 V, we will not be able to insert 14 V batteries in our battery holder, but we could insert 4 V batteries, for example.

Mobile phone battery charger 2.

In the end, all that remains is test our charger to see if it is working properly.

Mobile phone charging.

I would like to add that this trick could be adapted to many other electronic devices that also use a charger, we would only have to worry about the plug being compatible and the batteries have the suitable voltage.

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  1. anything that can be useful in these emergency cases will always be welcome, thanks for the information.

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