How to build a solar dehydrator

Today we bring you a very interesting article about how to make a solar dehydrator. This appliance is very often used in areas where agricultural work requires preserving or dehydrating foodstuffs.

The operation of this machine is quite simple. Cold or tempered air is introduced through a lower grid (Tº approximately 20º C) which passes through a duct where it is heated by the sun's rays (Tº approximately 60º C). It is then circulated through a series of grids where the food to be dehydrated is deposited. The heat evaporates the water deposited on the food and it is then discharged into the atmosphere.

Diagram of the solar dehydrator.

The assembly of this dehydration system is very simple. We will need the following materials:

- Enough wood to assemble the whole structure (Measurements at the bottom).

- Nails, screws and glue.

- Grid.

- Transparent plastic.

- Black plastic.

After getting these materials we start to assemble our whole machine. The first thing to do is to build the structure. The measurements and the design to be achieved is as follows:

Dimensions of the solar dehydrator.

As you can see in the picture on the lower part of the dehydrator (called the collector) a black plastic has been put in place, which will subsequently allow the cold air to be heated.. In addition, a detail to be taken into account with regard to the valdasThe only way to ensure that the two plants, which are 15 centimetres apart, is to be removable in order to be able to better insert the food.

Once the entire structure has been built, the dehydrator is lined in its entirety with the transparent plastic, except for the parts of the machine detailed below, where we will place a grid.

Front of the solar dehydrator.

Rear of the solar dehydrator.

Once this is done, the manifold is ready for use and enjoyment. Below you have a video with some more detailed information in case you have any doubts.

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  1. How tall is the collector, how tall is the chimney, how high is the first panel, what is the total height?

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