How to build a homemade Stylus

Many draughtsmen use an electronic drawing board to digitise their designs and have more freedom when drawing. The new devices from Apple such as the iPadthe iPhone and the iPod Thouch incorporates drawing functions through which you can directly digitise your drawings.. These applications allow the use of devices called Stylus.

A Stylus is nothing more than a biro that replaces the typical tip with a sponge that allows you to draw in the traditional way as if you were using a piece of paper..

Stylus on an iPhone

These pencils are usually quite expensive so many people prefer to make them at home. The process is quite easy. The most difficult thing is to find some materials:

Metal birosIt is very important that it is metallic as it must transport the static energy of our body.

Electrostatic foamThe most difficult material to obtain as it is usually not sold separately. It is usually found next to electronic components. You can also use a scrubbing sponge.

Electrostatic foam

Graphite lead.

After that we start the assembly. The first thing is dismantle the pen and keep only the metal tube..

Metal biros.

Then we cut out a piece of the sponge andThe metal part of the metal part is left on the outside, we wrap it around one end of the graphite.

Sponge and graphite.

Insert the sponge together with the graphite into the tip of the pen and apply adhesive to prevent it from coming loose..

Stylus tip.

Once this is done, we will have prepared our Stylus to start painting.

Homemade stylus for the iPhone.

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