How to care for a battery

The battery is one of the components that usually causes the most problems in a computer if it is not used properly. However, if we take proper care of it, we will extend its life. Today we will offer you some tips on how to make your battery last as long as possible.

How to care for a battery

First of all, a very important thing to extend the life of our battery is to follow a proper loading routine. In order to do so, the following criteria must be followed:

- The first time the battery is discharged, it must be charged for about twelve hours.

- During battery use it is important that from time to time, let it discharge completely. avoid charging it when it is half full. This is because if we only use half of the battery, the other half will be completely new, reducing the life of the whole battery because if one part of the battery is damaged, the whole battery will stop working.

- The charges after the first charge are usually about approximately three to four hours.

- We must avoid charging your laptop while it is switched on otherwise uneven charging will occur, shortening the life.

- If the battery is not going to be used for a long period of time, it is best to remove it from the device and keep it in a place that is not too hot. to reduce their ageing.

- During the use of the device we must avoid using services that you are not going to use such as wifi, 3g, etc. We can also lower the brightness of the screen during the day.

In addition to battery charging and discharging issues, there are also some other issues that need to be looked at. technical details of the battery. Batteries must have the optimum voltage for our equipment and should always be charged with a charger compatible with it. We should never use the charger of other devices to charge our battery because we could damage it.

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2 thoughts on “Cómo cuidar una batería”

  1. I have read that according to some studies many of the recommendations people make are myths.
    For example, it has been proven that charging the battery when it is only half charged has no effect on the battery life.
    I also read that charging the battery while using the device does not alter the performance of the battery.
    The problem now is to determine who is right.

    1. In reality it depends on the material of which the batteries are constituted, the oldest (in this category) would be those manufactured Nickel and Cadmium, these if they possess the detestable "memory effect", the main characteristic of these batteries is that they should not be recharged while they still have energy, this is due to the fact that the recharge that is supplied until it is at 100% becomes the useful part of the battery, not taking advantage of the part that had not been discharged at the beginning of the recharge; but this effect can be reversed by fully charging and discharging the battery 4 or 5 consecutive times.
      However, later generation nickel-metal and lithium-ion batteries do not have this effect.

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