How to care for old objects

Throughout our lives we use a large number of objects that we would often like to keep and not lose so that in the future we can remember the moments in our lives related to them. In today's article we will explain some methods with which you can keep in good condition these antique objects that you want to conserve.

How to care for old objects

There are many, many methods of maintenance, Here is a list of some of them:

- For keeping fragile and thin objects such as letters or sheets of paper, it is often very useful. put them in a box or a folder that keeps them compressed. With this system we will make these objects last for years.

- It is very important to keep the objects we want to keep in a safe place. dry places with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.. Moisture tends to degrade the condition of any object.

- If we want to preserve metal objects, we must keep them especially in the following places rust-free trying to remove it whenever possible, e.g. by putting them in coke.

- Flowers and organic objects are usually kept with chemical elements such as formaldehyde. These elements delay the breakdown of tissues.

- In the event that you need to repair an object that has been damaged, it is important to do so. very carefully as they become increasingly fragile over the years.

- Storing our old items in a drawer or a bag with other items is a bad option as it can get damaged or dirty with them.

Excessive washing of any type of fabric gradually weakens the fabric. Therefore, as little washing as possible should be carried out.

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