How to crush aluminium cans effortlessly.

Usually when we get our hands on an empty aluminium can, we tend to crush it. Either with our hands, feet or a machine prepared for the task.

Crushed tin can

But what if we wanted to do it in a less "traditional" way? Or at least have some fun with the laws of physics?

Here is an original way. It takes a little more time than the common method, but you might find it interesting.


  • Empty aluminium can.
  • Water.
  • Ice
  • Vessel.
  • Heat source capable of boiling water.
  • Tool for handling hot objects. Kitchen tongs can be a useful and inexpensive option.


First of all prepare the container. It should be large enough to hold the can and should be filled with ice.

Fill the can with water to about half its capacity and heat until it boils and evaporates.

Take the can with a tool that will allow you to handle it without burning yourself and carry it to the container of ice and the can will crush. In this step the can must come into contact with the ice where it is open for the magic to happen.

The reason? When approaching the cold source, the vapour inside the can will condense. As the atmospheric pressure inside the can is lower than that outside, the structure of the can yields to the difference in pressure until an equilibrium point is found.

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  1. much easier, although it might compress it less, is to grab the can by both ends and squeeze while turning each hand in the opposite direction to the other, this way you will leave it with less than a quarter of its initial size and you won't need to have ice or anything boiling... which would waste energy...

  2. Well my doubt was clarified a little bit because it was interesting to me how to compact the can but there will be something, I don't know, a machine that compresses it.
    Can you give me an example, but without dropping anything heavy on the can?

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