How to send Christmas greetings in an original way

At Christmas time, a large number of greetings are made, usually based on small postcards or text messages in which a witty message is included. Originality is more and more valued in these greetings and that is why today we bring you some ideas to send Christmas greetings in an ingenious way.

How to send Christmas greetings in an original way

In order to surprise with our congratulations, it is not obligatory to think of new ideas that have not yet been realised, but rather to we can work on existing ideas and give them our personal touch.. Some ideas are:

Prepare personalised postcards or letters instead of buying them in a shop. We can include 3D cut-outs or pieces of fabric and wool in our postcard to create a personalised greeting card.

- SMS messages: We can think of a witty phrase that will surprise the recipient or opt for something that will make the recipient more excited: send a video of us personally wishing Christmas greetings. At this website you can find some witty phrases to wish you a merry christmas.

In addition to these traditional ideas, we can opt for some less traditional ones that will surprise the recipient as much or even more:

Surprise giftWe can send a small gift by post with a letter. This will ensure that the recipient remembers us whenever they see the gift and will also be congratulated.

Internet messaging: The Internet is becoming an increasingly globalised service. It can be used to create any type of greeting, from the typical comment on social networks to a website or a video specially dedicated to congratulate Christmas.

Personal greetingWho better than ourselves to send Christmas greetings? We can go to the house of our acquaintances and surprise them by singing a song or a carol.

Here are some original ways of sending Christmas greetings that always will be even more surprising if we add personal ideas that show love and affection..

As always, remember that you can go to our forum to ask any questions you may have.

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  1. Last night, it's Christmas Eve, and tomorrow Christmas Day
    To all, and a happy new year.
    Friends, family and people of peace.

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