How to clean a lens

In many cases our electronic devices stop working because the lens that allows data to be read is damaged or dirty. There are many methods to get our lens working again but not all of them work the same. Today we bring you some recommendations for lens cleaning that will give you a satisfactory result..

Cleaning the reader lens.

Symptoms that appear on an electronic device when the lens is dirty usually include reading errors, excessive effort to read, rejection of some CDsetc.

When we recognise any of the above faults, we will proceed to clean the reader. Many shops offer magic products such as cleaning CDs or spray kits that are poured into the reader. These kinds of remedies usually give bad results, even scratching the lens and rendering it unusable. The best way to clean the reader is to open it and use an alcohol swab to remove the dirt.

Normally, each reader will have his or her own way of opening it (We cannot expect the lens of a stereo to be the same as that of a PC reader). However, in most cases we will arrive at a structure similar to the following.

Parts of a CD/DVD drive.

Once we get to this, we will proceed with the cleaning. To do this, we take a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol. Then we rub the lens carefully and without applying pressure, as the lens is very delicate. When the alcohol has dried, we reassemble everything and check the results.

Walking sticks.

As you can see, to clean the lens you only need a little bit of skill to disassemble the components of the reader. Here are some videos that explain how to disassemble some readers. Although each one has its own way, you can use them as a basis.

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  1. I'll try it and see how it goes. I have a stereo that has a reading problem, apparently because of that.

    I've tried those CD's that you put a liquid on and then play it and it should clean the lens but it doesn't seem to have helped.

    Excellent article!

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