How to clean your iPhone screen

As many of you may ask, how is it that multitouch screensknowing that they are to have the more fingers stuck in it the better, they have not come up with something to clean it properly?.

iPhone 3G

Don't worry if they haven't released something to clean your iPhone screen, I bring you the solution, and surfing the web you will find very curious things like this video that shows us how to clean the screen of our iPhone with a simple application, more than one will love it.

So when I say that more than one person will love it, it's for a reason.

4 thoughts on “Como limpiar la pantalla de tu iPhone”

  1. here you can download that video in mp4 and play it on your iphone or ipod touch.... cheers, excellent site.

  2. How much does he charge per hour! Does he clean HTC Diamonds or does he only work with iPhones! Hehe

    1. Alberto Navarro

      I suppose there will also be one for your HTC, hehehehe and I don't think I charge much, more or less like the Romanians at the traffic lights below my house, hehehehe.

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