How to create 3D images with Photoshop

Nowadays, new technologies are geared towards the application of 3D effects to all types of screens. Little by little the techniques are being perfected, but they are all based on the same thing: projecting a different image to each eye. Today we will explain how to achieve a 3D effect in our images using Photoshop alone.

How to create 3D images with Photoshop

The theory behind all this is to make us see a different image through each eye, creating a sensation of volume. How do you achieve this? Very easy, we only have to copy our image twice and eliminate the blue colour in one copy and the red and green in the other. This way, if we use anaglyph glasses we will achieve our goal.

Performing this process in Photoshop is very simple. All we have to do is create two layers with the same image and follow the steps below:

- In one of the layers we go to Image/Settings/Levels and, by selecting Channel: Red we make the change shown in the following image:


- We select the other layer and make the same change but this time in Channel: Green y Channel: Blue.

- With this we have obtained the two colour layers. Now select one of the layers and click on it with the right button to select Merger Options. In the window that appears we must change Fusion to Difference Mode.

- Now it is time to create the final effect. With the anaglyph glasses on, we move one layer over the other until we obtain the desired effect. The image should look like the following:

3D image

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