How to create a small network

Today we bring you a very useful article, especially for those who want to small and medium-sized enterprises who wish to interconnect their computers and share resources between them.

A working group is a type of computer network in which resources are shared between several computers with the same hierarchyThe network is a shared network, i.e. all computers will have the same importance within the network. Each computer decides which resources it wants to share and whether it wants external computers to access it or not.

To create this type of network, we first need to connect all computers. How the structure is put together will depend on the topology we choose.

Types of networks.

In the image above we can see the different types of existing topologies. In this type of network, the most common is to make a network Bus or in Ring.

If we choose a network Busis typical to use a Hub and connect the computers to it by means of parallel RJ-45 (Ethernet) cables. On the other hand, if we opt for a structure in ringall equipment shall be connected directly to each other via cables. RJ-45 crossover.

After assembling the whole structure, it's time to move on to the configuration. To begin with, we must get all the computers to communicate with each other. This is achieved by means of IP addresses.

The configuration of the IPs is a fundamental aspect in which many people fail. The first thing to be clear about is the number of computers you want to connect. As a work group usually has few computers, we can make do with a class C network, which gives a connection margin for 256 computers. To say that we are going to choose this type of network, we enter in the subnet mask the address

After this comes the distribution of IPs. Each team will have to have a different IP. Its structure is: A.B.C.DAs we are in a class C network, the values A, B and C will be the same in all the units, while the value of C will vary in each unit.

IP configuration.

All that remains now is setting up the working group. To do this, go to My Computer, Properties (right click), Computer Name and click on Change... In the window that appears, insert the name of the computer you want and the name of the group. The group name must be the same for all teams.. After this we will have our entire network set up and ready to share.

Changing the name of the working group.

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  1. Very good, just what I'm studying hehe
    It is good that you explain all that, although you should specify better that they are usually used BUS type but not with a Hub, with a Switch.

    At least that is what I see as the most common, best regards.

    1. In my career I study a little bit of networking and I confirm what you say, a Switch is used the most.

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