How to make a loudspeaker out of a hard disk

If you are a recycler, this article is for you. Nowadays, computers have invaded our lives and in many cases their internal components can be used even after they have broken down. Today we will explain how to turn a broken hard disk into a handy speakerphone.

The trick is based on using the vibration of the hard disk needle to reproduce sounds. To do this, we use alternating current from the conventional mains to generate a magnetic field that moves the needle.

Well, let's get started. The first step is access the guts of our hard drive to be able to modify its connections. Each hard disk is different, but normally it will be enough to remove the screws that hold its cover.


Once these screws have been removed, we will have access to the inside of the hard disk. The next step is to remove the pin. To do this we remove the part indicated in the following picture:

Needle clamp

Once this is done, the needle can be removed. To get the needle to move when supplied with AC power, we only have to solder the wire of an old headset that we find in the needle connections marked in the following image. It doesn't matter the order in which we put them.

Soldering cables

Now we only have to reassemble the needle in the hard disk. When we connect the audio plug to our stereo we will get a sound similar to the one we can see in the following video.

Remember, if you have any questions, you can write to us in the forum and we will solve it for you without any problem.

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  1. my question is my headphone jack only has 3 wires how to connect them and another question is it necessary to give it extra power or only with the headphone is it ok?

  2. very good but what cable do I need to connect it to AC power? or can I use the one from the PC as well?

  3. I would never have thought of that, I'll try it with a hard drive I have lying around dead :O

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