How to create Counter Strike Server 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the most famous online games in history, in which we play a terrorist or counter-terrorist to take out our enemy side. In order to be able to open a server to the public and thus play with our friends, we only need to install the game and configure the access a little bit.

Create server for counter strike 1.6

The first thing to do is to enable the connection through the firewall (firewall) of our router. This is a task that varies greatly depending on the router we are using, however, this is not a problem as in adslzone We can find manuals on how to do this for each model. Once we know how our router works, we will open the port 27015 UDP/TCP.

The next step is to open the same port on the PC firewall if we have one. This will complete the opening of the port.

Now it is time to configure the server. To do this we go to the path C:Program FilesValveCounter-Strike 1.6 or whatever we install the game on and look there for a file named hlds.exe. We then create a shortcut to this file on our desktop, which is what we will have to configure in the next step.

Create dedicated server counter strike 1.6

After this, we go to the desktop and access the properties of the shortcut we created in the previous step. In the window that appears we must configure the destination with the following parameters:

-nomaster -heapsize xxxxxx +ip +sv_lan 1 +exec server.cfg

-nomaster: Deactivate Valve's protection.

-heapsize xxxxxxRAM: Used to allocate the RAM that we want the server to use. It is measured in kilobytes. Example: -heapsize 128000

+ip we will introduce the local IP of our PC in the network. To get it we only have to write in Run as... of the start menu of our PC the word cmd to access the console. Once inside we introduce the command ipconfig and it will show us our local IP.

Cmd ipconfig

+sv_lan 1: Avoid class C errors

+exec server.cfg: Execute the configuration commands stored in the server.cfg file.

After this explanation of each command, we only have to add them behind the destination path and save the shortcut to have everything ready.

Properties of the .exe

Now we open the server and a window will appear to enter some parameters:

Game: Counter Strike
Server NameName you want to give to the server
MapMap we want to play.
Network: Internet
Max. PlayersMaximum number of simultaneous players.
UDP Port: 27015
RCON PasswordPassword for admin access.

Counter strike options

That done, all that remains is Starting the Server and test it. The IP that we will have to give to our friends to enter will be your IP address. Public IP followed by :27015. The public Ip can be obtained through The result will be: (IP):27015

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  1. it still doesn't appear to my friends... I had to put a port 27016 because the 27015 was throwing me errror

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