How to create glasses from our glass bottles

Today we bring you an article in which we will show you how to make glasses using the typical glass bottles that usually contain wine or coke..

Glasses with bottles.

The main objective for making our glasses is to break the bottle into two pieces. To do this we will need the following utensils:

- Glass bottle.

- Thick cotton thread.

- Alcohol 96.

- Bucket of cold water.

- Lighter.

As you can see, the requirements are quite simple and can be found in any home.

That said, we can start the process. The procedure is based on the physical reaction that occurs in the glass due to a sudden temperature change..

The first step will be to dip a piece of cotton thread in alcohol (it should be long enough to tie around the bottle).

Afterwards, wrap the thread around the bottle to the height at which we want to make the cut.

Cotton wool around the glass bottle.

After this, carefully ignite the cord soaked in alcohol and wait for it to extinguish..

Lighting the cotton thread.

As soon as we see it starts to fade, dip the bottle in the bucket of water and wait to hear the click. characteristic that appears when a crystal breaks. If we see that the crystal resists breaking, we can repeat the process as many times as we want but always putting the thread in the same place.

When we manage to break the bottle, precede touching it up by sanding out imperfections that have appeared by means of coarse sandpaper.

Below is a video with the complete process. If you have any doubts, comment them in the forum and they will be quickly answered.

6 thoughts on “Cómo crear vasos con nuestras botellas de cristal”

  1. Francisco Malacara

    I recommend that if it is made in warm places the water should be iced, at the beginning I struggled, but if it can be done, if it is made with jars for preserves, it is a struggle because the calibre is thicker but in the end it does work out, greetings and recycle containers!

    1. Francisco Malacara

      It is true many people think that you only need to be in contact with alcohol to ignite, the gases emitted by alcohol are highly flammable, an acquaintance worked in an alcohol factory and started smoking about five meters from some drums of alcohol and ended up setting fire to the place, I suggest, as I did, that in one room wet the thread and tie it and in another it is lit, and immersed in the tub, the truth is for safety, apart from preferably wear gloves to avoid burning and safety glasses, greetings and good observation!

  2. It's good from time to time to recycle what is useful to make different things, a very good idea. thank you 😀.

  3. They look great to make, and the results look great, I'll give it a try, I just need to get some returnable bottles 🙂

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