How to create personalised T-shirts

Surely on more than one occasion you have seen someone wearing some kind of advertising T-shirt with the logo of their brand. These pieces of clothing are usually ordered from advertising shops that customise the t-shirt, however, it is quite easy to make our own designs at home..

How to create personalised T-shirts

To carry out the whole process we will need the following materials:


Textile painting (it can be found in any stationery shop).

- Old towel or piece of cardboard.

T-shirt completely white.

Marker pen.

In order for our design to have a professional image, the first thing we will do is to make an sketch on a sheet of paper and then transfer it to the T-shirt. This will make it much easier to correct the lines.

Once the sketch is finished We will transfer your main lines to the T-shirt with a marker or a pen.. These lines will serve as a guide when painting the drawing. To make sure that the lines do not go through to the other side of the T-shirt, put an old towel or a large piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt.

The following will be painting the drawing with textile paint. During the process it is very important not to get your hands dirty with the paint as you can easily soil the T-shirt.

When painting the drawing, we must first colour the inner part and then the outlines to achieve a result without imperfections.

Once the whole drawing has been painted leave the T-shirt to dry for about a day.. Once this is done, we can put on the T-shirt and show it off in front of all our friends.

Finally, something we should bear in mind is that when we wash the T-shirt it is advisable to turn it inside out and never use bleach. When drying it, it is also advisable to turn it inside out and leave it in a dry place.

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