How to create secure passwords

The huge expansion of the Internet in recent years has made it increasingly important to secure our data on the Internet. Every day, thousands of bank transfers are made over the Internet and it is very dangerous for our account to fall into the wrong hands. Today we will give you some tips on how to make it more difficult for unauthorised persons to access your account.

How to create secure passwords

The main advice when creating accounts across the network is not to use the same password for all of them.. In the event that one of our accounts falls into the wrong hands, we will have access to the rest if the same data is used. This rule should especially apply to websites that deal with money or sensitive data.

In addition to this advice it is advisable to use the following:

- Our passwords must be at least 8 characters long. While a 4-character password can be brute-force cracked in a day with a normal computer, an 8-character password would take years to crack by this method.

- It is advisable to use characters such as $, %, capital letters, etc. to make access difficult for people who do not know it.

- In a password personal data should never be included Such data is easily decipherable and is usually a major reason for account hacking.

- It is advisable to do not create accounts with our usual data on unknown or suspicious websites. Many people create copies of famous websites to steal user data from the original.

- It is preferable to write a password with nonsense characters than typing textual words. There are dictionaries aimed at cracking passwords containing words in different languages.

Finally I would like to add that just as important as keeping a secure password is to keep our wits about us on the Internet and not trust everything we see.. There is a lot of false or useless information on the Internet, so we must always be sure of the veracity of the information.

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