How to disassemble an Xbox 360.

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Update: We've revamped the tutorial to make it easier and more explanatory, check out the new tutorial to disassemble your Xbox 360.

There are thousands of ways to disassemble an Xbox 360you can throw it off a rooftop, you can hit it with a baseball bat, or you can read on and trust in How to do to disassemble your console through these steps and a great video, here goes:

We will need a 2" Allen key and a flathead screwdriver of that calibre as well.

1º) Make sure you have disconnected the Xbox 360.

2º) Put your finger through the front USB slot and press outwards, this will allow you to remove the front cover.

Xbox 360

3º) Remove the silver Microsoft sticker. This is Microsoft's warranty, so if you remove it you will be out of warranty.

Xbox 360 front panel disassembled

4º) Remove the grey casings from the sides, to do this you must insert the flat screwdriver through the holes where the tabs are.

Xbox 360® Plates

5º) After removing it, turn the Xbox 360 upside down and look at the holes in the back.

Opening Xbox 360 from behind

Through these holes you must insert the flat screwdriver and use a lot of force until you hear a "CLICK". Remove the screwdriver from one side to the other consecutively to loosen the screwdriver.

6º) Once this part of the case has been removed, we must remove the reader button. To do this, simply press outwards with the screwdriver itself on the green plate at the bottom as shown in the image.

Xbox 360 open

7º) Once removed, unscrew 6 screws with the Allen key.

Xbox 360 inside

8º) Now you only have to remove the other part of the casing.

Remove Xbox 360 top plastic

9º) And now we have the Xbox 360 disassembled, we only need to connect the reader to the PC via serial ATA.

Xbox 360 disassembled

We have finished disassembling. Now we'll move on to connecting the Xbox 360 to the PC.

If some of the steps are not very clear to you, here is a video tutorial on how to disassemble it:

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  1. Excellent guide of how to disassemble this bug... Although it would be good that they also say how to assemble it, since I believe that to disassemble it should be easy but what I always make a mess later is where it goes face thing and at the time to assemble it again you become crazy if you do not remember ....

    I liked the guide 🙂

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