How to disassemble PSP FAT

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The PSP FAT is the first version that appeared of this useful little console. The way to disassemble it is quite simple if you follow the correct order. In principle, all you need for this operation is a small Phillips screwdriver.


To begin disassembly, we must first remove the front of our console. This is done by means of 7 screws that are located in the places indicated in the image. To access the two screws in the lower left corner, we must remove the warranty sticker placed by SONY to ensure that we do not tamper with your product during this period.

PSP rear screws

The next step is to remove the TFT screen and the bottom buttons (select, start, etc.). First we will focus on the bottom pushbutton panel. To remove it, insert a screwdriver in the bottom right corner (as shown in the image) and press upwards to lift the iron plate that holds the buttons. Then disconnect the plastic contact that goes to the motherboard with extreme care so as not to damage any component.

PSP Protector

PSP connector

After removing the previous piece we will continue with the TFT screen. Remove this item from the PSP is quite easy, just press on the two right side tabs that hold the screen and, after lifting it up, disconnect all connections to the motherboard. This process must be done carefully so as not to damage anything.

Remove PSP screen

PSP display connector

PSP display connectors

Now we remove the display chassis by removing the screws that hold it in place. Before removing the part, we have to open the cover of the UMD If we don't do this, the chassis will be stuck.

PSP chassis

PSP chassis removed

The next step is to start withdrawing small, easily accessible parts and that will not give us much work. First we remove the button panel that is used to mark addresses in our PSP. To do this, simply remove the screw and the connection marked by an 1 in the following image. In order to remove the other control panel, remove the tabs and the connection marked with an 2. To remove the tabs we only need to press them with a screwdriver. In this step we can also remove the triggers. These elements will come off almost effortlessly.

PSP Button Panel

With this, the motherboard is almost ready to be disassembled. In order to be able to work with it, we must first remove a series of elements.

1. Remove the speakers by removing their connection from the motherboard and carefully pulling them out.

2. Remove the power connector by removing its connection, the adhesive tape that holds the cable and the screw that holds the connector.

3. Remove the Wifi by removing the adhesive that holds the antenna and carefully moving the circuit upwards.

4. Remove the lens connection from the UMD.

5. Remove the motor connection from the UMD.

Overview of the PSP board

With this the base plate will be completely free and can be pulled out by simply removing a screw.

PSP wifi button

PSP wifi connector

PSP plate removed

Now all that remains is to finish extracting the Wifi and the Memory Stick. To do this, we remove the chassis supporting the motherboard (a plastic and a metal part) by means of the following screws:

PSP internal screws

This brings us to the circuit of the Memory Stick (to which the Wifi) and remove it with two more screws.

PSP inside

And that is all. As you can see, following a correct order is easy disassembling our PSP and replace any broken parts ourselves.

More on dismantling consoles: Xbox 360 | Nintendo DSi | PS3 | Wii | Xbox 360 Slim | PS2

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