How to disassemble an Xbox 360 Slim

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Microsoft's new console, the Xbox 360 Slimsmaller than its predecessor. Well, here we bring you already the disassembly manualwe will need:

- A flat screwdriver (standard size).

- A Torx screwdriver (size 9-10).

Before we start, if you're trying to disassemble your Xbox 360 for repair, you might want to check Amazon to see if you can find replacement parts at a good price, who knows. The process of disassembly is very similar to that of an Xbox 360 First we remove the hard disk, for which we lift the cover and that's it, then we remove the grille next to it with the help of a flat screwdriver, being careful not to break the hooks.

Removing hard drive from Xbox 360 slim

Xbox 360 Slim Grille

On the top side you have to be more careful because it is more difficult, we will pry a little bit between the grille and the edge of the casing.

Xbox 360 Slim Top Grille

Upper grille removed

Right after that we will find two more grids that we must remove like this:

Second upper grille

This part is more complicated as it will probably break some of the tabs, so use the screwdriver to play with it little by little until it comes out, the other side is exactly the same:

Detail view of the second upper deck

Now we are going to remove the Wifi card, we only have to remove a T8 screw and pull it out. Then we remove the chrome edge by levering on the tabs, the same on the other side:

Xbox 360 Slim wifi card

The other side of the Wifi card

Chrome-plated rim flange

Xbox 360 Slim chrome-plated edge disassembled

This is the most obnoxious part of all, removing the rear and front clips:

Xbox 360 Slim Rear Clips

Removing the rear clip

Another clip

A clip is bound to break, so be careful:

Xbox 360 Slim back plate

Xbox 360 Slim front plate

Be careful when removing the front panel as you may damage the ignition cable by pulling it out:

Ignition cable

Now we remove the screws from the plate to take it out:

Xbox 360 Slim Board

All that remains is to remove a few screws to lift the upper inner casing:

Xbox 360 Slim internal chassis

I would already be disassembled our Xbox 360 Slim:

Xbox 360 Slim unmounted

Now you have to look for the spare parts, check Amazon to see if you can find them at a good price. This tutorial has been made by the guys from TecnoConsolas, thanks guys!!!!

More on dismantling consoles: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PSP Fat | Wii | Nintendo DSi | PS2

10 thoughts on “Cómo desmontar una Xbox 360 Slim”

  1. che como se desmonta la fuente de alimentacion o poder de la xbox 360 slim!!! no como abrirla

  2. Disassembling it should be easy, the hard part is putting it back together and remembering where it went xD....

  3. very good tutorial, not suitable for those who don't know how to put it back together. 😛

    The clips are the most fucked up, I don't think you can do it with a screwdriver and you have to pull it out evenly to avoid breaking it (otherwise I can't explain how you break it in the middle instead of the side). I don't have an xbox anyway. XD

    1. Alberto Navarro

      Surely there are ways to get it out without having to break anything, it's just a matter of doing it carefully ;D

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