How to distil water

Water is one of the most important elements for the life of any living being. There are times when it is necessary to distil (clean) water in order to use it for any purpose (watering plants, obtaining water in extreme cases, etc.). Distillation is used in many places to clean seawater or to remove some of its impurities..

Water of the world.

The distillation process is a method by which we remove pollutants from water and leave it in a much cleaner state.. Distillation is based on the principle of evaporation. It is brought to a boil by means of a temperature rise and then converted back into a liquid in a clean, dirt-free environment.

To achieve this effect at home you will need the following elements:

A large container (metal or plastic).

A transparent plastic (the plastic we use to wrap food).

A glass or cup.

A small stone.

A source of heat.

Once we have these materials we proceed to assemble the distillation system. All we have to do is insert the cup into the large container. Then we spread the dirty water without letting any drops enter the cup. Finally cover the container with the transparent plastic and place a stone on it to produce a slight inclination in the transparent plastic.

Diagram of the distillation vessel arrangement.

After this, all that remains is heat the container. We can use a cooker or a burner if we have one. If not, a little sunshine will do.

The way it works is that water will evaporate and by means of the transparent plastic we will make it change to a liquid inside the cup.

Below is a video where you can see the process put into practice.

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