How to download the Windows 7 beta with its key included.

Download Windows 7

From LifehackerI see a little while ago, that they have published the download of the Windows 7 beta including the registration key. I leave you the post translated into Spanish so you know how to get it.

1º.- First of all, we will have to log in. here with our Microsoft account (e.g. Hotmail).

2º.- Then we will go to one of these two links, but bear in mind that do not clickbut copy it, and paste it then in the browser:

32-Bit version key (Remember: Copy and paste!!!)

64-Bit version key (Remember: Copy and paste!!!)

Trick: The keys that you will be given in any of both links, are valid for both installations, so, I recommend to use the 64-Bits one, as there are less people who claim it, you know, to avoid waiting for the server and that.

3º.- If while you are trying to enter in one of the links, you get some kind of loading error, press CTRL+F5, to refresh the page until it appears, don't despair, as there are thousands of people like you trying to get their password right now and it may take a while.

If you follow these steps to the letter, you will have no problem in get your Windows 7 keyIf it still doesn't help, repeat steps 1 and 2, and try again. I, following these steps, I got my passwordGood luck to all.

By the way, and what's the point of having the key if you don't have Windows itself, here are the links to download the two versions:

Download Windows 7 beta 32-Bit version.

Download Windows 7 beta 64-Bit version.

I hope you enjoy doing your tests with the new Windows system, and let me know what surprises it will give us.

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